Influenced by an algorithm

I am really looking forward to this module, the strategy behind how to influence people and the ”mechanism” behind it is such an interesting topic. A lot of best practices and models sound great in theory but how will we execute and determine whether it was successful or not? I think it will (hopefully) be a bit more clear after this module.

This is really useful knowledge in many situations in life however taking the organisation I work for I think one of the main ways the organisation wants to influence (aside from a user making a purchase) and leave the user/client with a positive feeling – a feeling of having made the best possible purchase, one that lasts even after they have received the product.

One of the largest challenges and one of the aspects I find immensely interesting is: How do you do this digitally, without the human interaction, and do it really well?


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  1. Hi there!
    Thank you for your post! Some of the influencing principles are highly used online. I’m sure you will see the connections at the end of the module. Regarding to creating the overall positive feeling for customers, I’m sure we will be able to discuss this even further in the remaining two modules.

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