Oh, how my thoughts on how to deal with customer experience was turned up-side-down just now..

A quick background on my view of this when going over the material throughout this course:

I work at a price comparison site; it is one of the biggest price comparison sites in Sweden and pretty much the only one in Denmark. I work in the sales department with coordinating our sales, making sure we meet our goals and in this a big part is meeting and exceeding client expectations and how to continuously and deliberately do so.

When looking at the videos for this week topics the following things come to mind:


Within service performance one very important aspect and that I always consider is setting customer expectation. However, when going over the material I also realise that it does not necessarily mean setting it high. It means setting it just right to ensure the consumer does not expect one thing and get another that does not meet the expectation. Essentially what you want to do is meet or exceeds customer expectations.


Then again it seems there is so much more too it than meeting or exceeding expectations. If customer that have high expectations on a product or service, would it be a good idea for my company to go against what I thought was right and set expectations really high?


Another thing I have not considered is the perception of quality. For instance, without competition, there can be no comparison and therefore a product or service quality might not be questioned or rated as good or poor. What happens when you are the only player in the market? Such in the case of the company I work for today. Will it seems like the office we have in one market performs better in terms of client satisfaction because they are they only player whilst in another market the competition is harsh and causes client satisfaction to seem lower.


Customer loyalty is vital at the company I work for; a seemingly crucial part of this is emotions and the ability to trigger the right ones in order to get loyal customers. If the emotions felt in conjunction with the brand of my company can be identified, it will be easier to steer the bad ones into good ones in an efficient way.

Consumer Wellbeing

Keeping customer happy is also more complex than I have previously thought. It seems a large part of what determines our social wellbeing is genetic (45%) and the part we tend to focus the most on (social and economic factors) only stands for 10%. Interestingly enough where my company as a brand might be able to make a difference and have an actual impact is finding a way of positively impact how our customers spend their time. This makes up for 45% of our social wellbeing according to this model. An interesting aspect is that well being from the purchase experience itself lasts longer than the emotional experiences from material possessions. As the company I work for is a price comparison site this notion gives more weight to the role my company plays in the feeling of well being users have when purchasing an item with one of the retailer listed with us.

I am looking forward to tying the knot on these topics and a holistic solution that will lead to my company working even better with the psychological aspects behind our customers experiences.


4 reaktioner på ”Oh, how my thoughts on how to deal with customer experience was turned up-side-down just now..

  1. I really like your approach to satisfaction and expectations. Maybe you are right, maybe we don’t have to set high performance goals but just try to meet theirs (customers’), which is a very good approach, but then every customer has different levels of satisfaction. So, how can we know the correct level to set our performance standards and how does this help us to promote our service? We live in a competitive world, and we constantly need to improve if we want to survive. You mention quality, setting high goals makes us improve and enhance the quality of the service or product we are offering. You might have no competitors at the moment but you might have one day, by setting a high performance service that meets your customers’ expectations you win their loyalty and if one day there will be a competitor, it will be hard to lose them.
    Good thoughts! And well-observed points, made me think as well!
    Thank you!

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    1. Thank you very much for your comments here!
      I dont think there is an easy answer to this 🙂 I am still trying to wrap my head around this as well. I think a good rule of thumb is to assume that you should meet every client as they were your most demanding client. You will set your ”standard” level high, but not higher than your clients demand (or the most demanding ones at least). In some ways this contradicts what the literature says but I really think there are so many ways of looking at this and so many parametres!
      Looking forward to hearing more from you and thanks again for your comments 🙂

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